Why Creatives Should Blog


I know I’m not consistent with my blog posts, but I do like blogging even though it isn’t as popular is it used to be in the 2000’s. As an artist, I highly recommend that you learn to love blogging, and here’s why:

1. Business

Post Your Work

When you create something, you can post about it on your own blog with commentary about it, what inspired it etc. This helps people understand what you made and where you’re coming from. It’s also useful for bloggers and journalists to see what you meant to do when they’re writing about you.

Make Announcements

If you’re giving a speech at an event, posting a video, starting a live stream or performing, a blog post is a good place to post it. It puts all the info in one place, making it easier for fans to attend.

2. Web Presence

Boost Your SEO

I’m not going to go deep into SEO on this post, but it’s how the Google crawlers find you and rank where you are in search results. If you’ve just got a contact page and a gallery, Google will not rank you high at all. If you’re trying to rank high for the search term ‘LA Motion Designer’ and you’ve have content relating to that, you’re going to rank higher.

Fresh Content

If your website never changes, why will people keep visiting it? But if there are fresh posts each week, visitors are more likely to return.

Establish Your Online Presence

Blogging will establish your web presence and drive traffic to your site, similar to social media.

3. Networking

Let Your Fans Get To Know You

An Instagram bio doesn’t allow for you to show people who you are like a blog can. You’d be surprised how much you can learn about someone just by reading about their day.

Reach New Listeners

Your blog shouldn’t be about you. It needs should be balanced between you, your work, and things you’re interested in. For example, you could blog about issues in your industry or show love for another creative that you’ve been following. This way when people search for articles on this topic will find your blog and may they may find your blog and become a new fan.

Reach Other Creatives

You may way want to collaborate with someone else. There’s no better way to show respect to someone that you want to work with by having articles shouting them out on a blog post or doing a writeup about them.

You should look at WordPress.com or Medium if you decide you want to start blogging. I’d recommend using Medium since there is already a crowd of people on the platform. If you need help getting started with ideas, I’m going to do a post about some blog topics for creatives to give you a starting point.

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