Unnecessary Meetings Are Killing Productivity

I’m starting to find that people make inefficient use of both my time and theirs due to lack of organization, knowledge or respect. These people are in every industry. I’ve often learn that many meetings happen at least an hour after they’re planned, which is really frustrating.

Last week, two days after New Years, I woke up at 7am so I could leave my apartment by 745am to be at a meeting at 9am. I was already apprehensive about the meeting because I had to drive across town in LA traffic and already knew everything that will be discussed could be sent in an email.

I arrived at the office a little before 9am with a little more motivation than I had when I woke up. Of course, when I walk in, the editor who was troubleshooting something on her machine. So that pushed the meeting back 30 minutes. The next 20 minutes consisted of me having to take pictures of a monitor (yes, you read right) and receiving information that had nothing to do with the part of the project I was working on. The meeting ended 5 minutes later when the producer realized they didn’t needed to ask the client for assets that they wouldn’t get until the next day.

After wasting all of that time, I can’t say I was really in the mood for all the chatter and having lunch with the team. It all seemed like something that should have been ready beforehand. And if I was there to only take pictures of a screen, I could’ve just stayed home and received legit screenshots in an email.

This isn’t the first time I’ve felt my time has been wasted unnecessarily. I understand that some things should be handled face to face, but i also think it’s important to take advantage of technology. I’ve heard many people working for companies say they have too many unnecessary meetings and not enough time to actually work. All the information I gained was something I could have been emailed or handled over a quick phone call.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks a majority of meetings are a waste of time. What do you think?

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