Should You Separate Business and Personal Social Media Profiles?


The question a lot of people have when it comes to social media is “Should I separate my business and personal profiles?” I had this dilemma myself, a few years ago, and while I can advise individuals on what might be best for them, the final decision is what works best for you. Here are some things you need to consider when deciding what structure to use for your social media profiles:

Separate Personal And Business Social Media Profiles


  • If you’re the type who shares things that wouldn’t be cool in a business setting
  • Can be looked at as more credible because there is a face associated with the business
  • Allows you to post whatever you want on your personal account. It allows for the business account to be about business and your personal account for everything else
  • You won’t be held professionally accountable for your personal views


  • It takes more time to manage and grow both accounts
  • You have to develop unique content for both accounts
  • Some people may follow your personal profile and may not follow you business account because they don’t know what you do

I’d recommend this structure for businesses that sell products, or service-based businesses that are made up of more than one person.

Personal Profile Only


  • Your brand has more personality
  • Posting business and casual posts helps keep your followers engaged


  • Some posts may offend potential customers
  • Jokes/more casual posts may be viewed as unprofessional

I’d recommend this for one-man service-based businesses, such as graphic designers, freelancers and music artists.

Business Profile Only


  • You can always start again with a new brand if you do something to damage the reputation of your brand and most people won’t know it’s the same person
  • Privacy


  • Hard to show personality
  • Harder to build strong relationships because there isn’t a human face to relate to

I’d recommend this for one-man service-based businesses who aren’t really into social media on a personal level or want some privacy surrounding their identity and who they are.

Still can’t choose? Here’s how I chose:

Before I decided to current personal brand, I had a company named Fearless, that was separate from my personal brand. From the start, I was spreading myself to thin and was destroying my personal brand. My business was a representation of me and things that I like. So I began to post the same content to both, or focus more on the business than my personal accounts. I wasn’t gaining traction on either and it became a headache. After years of dealing with the struggle to grow my accounts, I ditched Fearless and decided to put all my effort into my personal brand since Fearless was a representation of me anyway.

Like I said, it all depends on you and your situation. You may try one structure out (like I did) and decide that it doesn’t work for you. I highly recommend a social media management tool to help schedule posts make things a bit easier.

How are your social media profiles set up? Why did you choose that structure?

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