Quantity vs Quality | Why Quantity is More Important

There’s a debate whether quantity and quality, and which one is more important. I may be in the minority, but I think quantity is more important than quality. Although I do think quality is important, but being consistent and making it a habit to create content is key to surviving these days.

To stay relevant, you have to be consistent. I’ve seen so many talented people not thrive because they were focused on creating the perfect piece of content, while there are people that are pumping out content frequently at decent quality.¬†Quantity gives people a reason to follow you. People are more likely to subscribe to someone who is in there face everyday, and providing content that’s valuable. Quality is an inaccurate measure when it comes to judging content. What’s quality to one person isn’t for someone else. Don’t get me wrong, something low quality won’t do well, but after a certain point, you’re splitting hairs. Quantity on the other hand, is objective.

Focusing on quality can drive someone to not create at all. When you’re not actually creating, doubt can creep in your mind. How many times have you wanted to make something, but talked yourself out of doing it because it didn’t come out as you planned or didn’t have top of the line gear? Being consistent will make it to where you can’t talk yourself out it. It also helps with working out the kinks and learn how to work efficiently.

I have been a victim of focusing too much on quality, instead of focusing on my message and quantity. After focusing quantity, you will notice that the quality of your content will get better due to the repetition and learning new tricks. The phrase “Content is King” is getting old, but it is true. Those who create consistent decent quality content will more than likely beat out the ones who focus strictly on quality.

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