Promotion Tips For Creatives

I was inspired to make the video above when Cam’ron and Ma$e dissed each other. A little backstory for those of you that don’t have reference. Ma$e and Cam’ron are rappers who used to be cool. Cam’ron has been making music consistently for over two decades, while Ma$e has been going back and forth between music and being a pastor. He hasn’t been relevant since 1999.

Cam’ron mentioned that Ma$e dissed him in order to get attention to promote new music. Dissing someone is a practice that was used in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Cam’ron has been relevant in the music industry and has adjusted with the times when it comes to promoting. He has shoes, a clothing line, liquor and makes movies. These other ventures is what he uses to promote his music, and uses his music to promote his other ventures.

This form of promotion isn’t just in the music industry, it’s every industry. Creatives should be just that, creative when it comes to promoting themselves. There’s a reason I write blogs, do photography, make YouTube videos, sell shirts and do photography. All of these are ways to attract eyeballs that I can convert to customers for my design services.

Your portfolio can only promote you so much. Selling prints, making templates, selling crafts on Etsy, podcasting and live streaming are all good ways to promote yourself. Not to mention that you can make money while promoting yourself if you do it right.

My advice for creatives is to find different ways to get your voice heard. The best way to promote yourself is to be seen, and that requires you to do more than old school promo tactics.

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