Project Overview

SAP Ariba Innovations allows the user to get a glimpse into what SAP Ariba is in the process of building. Most of these innovations deal with: procurement, fulfillment, and financial supply chain management. The idea for this project was to create a hub that would hold different pages (innovations) in one place so the user had access to catch up on the latest news about each innovation.

Finding the right solution

As I had done a few months earlier with the SAP Ariba Live site, I wanted the design to be able to display full width images. Since this was the direction we used in the new print and web designs, I wanted to stay consistent and on brand. I also wanted to make sure the message was clear through the copy and the images used throughout the page—they all had to work together to communicate a clear message to the user.


The end result was a responsive website that highlighted all of the innovations and future innovations.