Project Overview

Greenola is a brand of granola that embodies living a clean and healthy lifestyle.
The name Greenola represents the purest form of organic granola. The concept behind the design was to show nature and the rural country as the foundation of living a clean and happy lifestyle.

Finding the right solution

After researching about the history of granola I found that granola had been around forever. In fact, a form of granola was eaten by the Egyptians in Africa years before it came to fame in the late 1800s. I used that aspect of history in my design of the bag—I wanted the bag to look old and vintage—something that would have been used to carry
food back in the time of the Egyptians.


I decided to use a hemp bag as the bag that would hold Greenola to give the product a vintage feel. I created a main logo that showed the rural countryside, which was my interpretation of healthy living. The logo integrated different colors to represent the different flavors of Greenola.