It Ain’t About Who Did It First, It’s About Who Did It Right


I’ve spoken to numerous people who want to start something, but never do because they’re too concerned about the market being too saturated or someone already did what they want to do already. Think about how many opportunities you missed on because you let the success of another person stop you from even starting.

Drake is known for being emotional in his songs, but he wasn’t the first big time rapper to express his emotions and make it popular. Kanye West is the one that really ushered in “emo rap” when he dropped 808’s & Heartbreaks back in 2008, around the time when Drake was starting to get really popular. It wasn’t until 2009 when Drake dropped So Far Gone, which really made him blow up as an artist.

But what if he didn’t put out what some would call his best project because Kanye put his out first? Look at how his career turned out. It’s up for debate if you think he did it right or did it better than Kanye, or the other artists that came out after, but the point is he didn’t let Kanye doing it first stop him from building an audience who do think he did it right.

Have you heard of the app Hipstimatic? It’s an app that allows you to buy film(filters) so you can get the retro photography feel. It was a pretty popular when the app store first came out. Fast forward to 2010, and this app called Instagram was introduced to the world. No need to explain any further. Instagram clearly did care who did photo filter thing first and they clearly did it right.

Just because someone is doing something, it shouldn’t stop you from doing the same thing and making it better, or at least do it a different way to attract a different audience. Do you have perspective to add? Do you have voice to add? Do you have lives to change? Can you put in the work? Are you willing to do it right?

Then do it. There are no excuses.

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