I Dumbed Down for My Audience to Double My Dollars


Jay Z uses simplicity to appeal to the masses. He makes it where everyone can relate to his music. Dumbing down his lyrics allows him to make “cents” out of common sense, but uses double entendres for those who want to dive more into his lyrics.

I applied this to my workflow over the past year or so. There were times when I would spend hours, sometimes days, designing or animating a piece of content. Focusing on small details that other designers would notice, but my target audience wouldn’t notice the difference. When I “dumbed down”, or simplified my work, I began to produce more content in a shorter period of time which allows me to be consistent with my content. We’re living in the “Good Enough” era these days. It’s more important to create a bunch of “Good Enough” content that provides value and get it out there rather than creating one piece of content that’s super polished.

“When your sense got that much in common; And you been hustling since your inception; Fuck perception, Go with what makes sense”

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