Evolution Of Communication: It’s The Message, Not The Platform


This is a discussion that will never go away, and a problem a lot of people run into. There’s a lot of time wasted trying to figure out which platform they want to us instead of worrying about the message they want to deliver.

The need to communicate and to tell stories will always be a part of human nature. The only thing that has changed are the platforms we can communicate on. Drive time radio was top dog back in the day, now it’s podcasts. Writing a book used to be three thing, but now most prefer audio books. Appointment television was the hot thing and now it’s live streaming on Twitch.

Society talks down on those who play video games online with their friends instead of being in the same room. How is that any different than when people would call a friend or significant other on the phone and talk for hours instead of meeting in person. How is communicating with your friends through DM’s on Instagram not as meaningful as standard texting. It seems like if you don’t live up to the standard of how things used to be, somehow you are bad. I feel people aren’t taking advantage of digital communication right now because they don’t want to let go of the past.

We’re in a time where we reminisce about the past and no appreciating technology and how it helps us communicate. People hate change. Somehow made writing a letter more meaningful than texting. I understand it’s thoughtful to take time to write and mail someone a letter, but if you receive a text with that same message, shouldn’t you get the same feeling? Why does it matter what form the message came in?

It’s the message that matters. If you want to communicate with me, I don’t care if you do it through snail mail, text, FaceTime or through a message on PSN (Playstation Network). It’s message that matters, not the platform.

It’s mind-boggling to see people bash the newer ways of communicating because they want to hold on to the past. Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. these are all acceptable platforms to communicate with. You have to adjust and accept the new ways of communication. There’s no way around it.

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