10 Crack Commandments Explained – Rule #3 – Never Trust Nobody


Just like you can’t trust someone on the streets, you can’t trust anyone in business. You should never do business on blind faith.

It sounds nice to do business with a verbal agreement or handshake, but you’re likely to get burned more often than not. Many entrepreneurs and freelancers get in trouble by not having written agreements, especially when it comes to payment. Even if money isn’t being exchanged, you should always clearly outline the responsibilities of each party involved.

I recommend to always communicate or follow up through email. Even if you spoke about it person or over the phone, make sure its written down and communicated via email. This leaves a trail and helps maintain accountability.

If you have a paper trail, it will be easy to go back and see where the miscommunication occurred.

The next powerful emotion you can invest in a person is trust.

Trust is not a prerequisite for business, remember that.

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